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Videography & Video Editing


 The videography process starts with the pre-production phase of the planning, storyboarding, and coordination of your film. We work to understand the narrative, target audience and the desired outcomes from producing your video. 


The main process is the production phase of capturing all of the elements that will be needed in your final video. Planned video shoots that are coordinated during the pre-production phase will be filmed at various locations with a pre-selected film crew. 

Below are examples of different types of video shoots Inertia Media Group can film for your business or personal use.


Corporate Events

Training Videos

Marketing Videos


Sports Events

Studio Broadcasting

Church Events

Media Train 1_edited.jpg

Video Editing

As we progress from the production process Into the final phase of the post-production process, all of the elements will be  edited together and combined to create the final product for your specific use.


On the other hand, you may need assistance with a current project or an event you’ve already had recorded. Inertia Media Group can work with you on properly editing your footage to create a tantalizing video for your business or your film needs.

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